Meetoo Family

(Obligatory holiday family snap © ArcachonPhotography)

Hi I’m Natasha or ‘Meetooyou Photography’ and that’s me in the middle with my family.

My parents are from Mauritius and I was born and bred in the UK.  My parents couldn’t decide which language I should speak first so now I speak English, bad French and Creole. It was not uncommon in our household to have curry on a Thursday, noodles on a Friday,  and Fish & Chips on a Saturday!  I love the fusion of cultures.  I support Chelsea football team and England Rugby, play the guitar, love Bubble Tea,  Dexter (Tv-Show), the Queen, God bless her, and find it impossible to say ‘no’ to a good ol’ Sunday Roast. My favourite movie of all time is ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ – it’s got a love story, packed with comedy,  an awesome soundtrack plus it is set in honeymoon galore Hawaii!!….What’s not to like?!

I get very passionate and focused about any thing I get stuck into. Recently, I have made a life change and have commited to daily yoga, detoxing and being vegan (on the weekends). I met my first film camera when I was 5, fast forward 15 yrs and when I left home for university to obtain my BA (Hons) in Photography and my mother bought me my first SLR camera, after that I could not stop taking photographs. Portraits, fashion, documentary, still life, food and weddings. My main focuses are food, artifacts, wedding & portrait photography.

I am one who falls in love with weddings: the beauty of the flowers, scenery, the hard work and determination of the bride & groom to share their special day of love with family and friends…. it’s hard not to, right?!! The excitement of the day,  the mixology of emotions, the thrill, the delicate details, the animated atmosphere and most importantly that incredible feeling when two people make one of the most enticing, heart-warming yet mind-boggling and sometimes possibly “excruciating” decisions in their lives.

Love, Fun & Style – Natasha Meetoo’s 3 photography commandments…..

‘Love’  –  for me that’s what a wedding is primarily  about, and what I’m trying to capture the essence of: two people who love each other enough to say that they want to spend the rest of the lives together,   surrounded by all the people most important to them.

Fun’  – whether you’re a traditional, quirky, alternative, vintage or a rock n roll bride & groom, you should relax be yourselves, have fun, and just enjoy it – and then allow the pictures to reflect that.  Don’t worry I’ll be mostly blending into the day capturing it all as it all unfolds and only step in where we’ve agreed or if it’s really needed.

‘Style’ – I’ll always strive to make you both ‘look good’ especially in the parts of the day where I get to spend a few moments with you and hopefully produce some pictures you’ll be proud of and happy to show your friends.

If I’ve enticed you, drop me a line and I would be thrilled to hear about your plans and how you feel I could be a part of your unique day.

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